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re: Hang tight

To: Siddons, Rebecca
Stay where you are, Bec, I mean it. This isn't something you can fight, this isn't something you can run from. If you love me, you won't come looking for me. Just hang tight... I won't let you down.

re:100% Torture

To: Siddons, Rebecca
Wow... you are incredible, do you know that? I made this game where I tried to make myself not think about you. What a moron. I love you, Rebecca. And I've got a plan. I've been buttering up the captain to transfer me from the Rickenbacker to the goodwill team on the Von Braun. Pretty soon, nothing will keep us apart.

re: Let's do it

To: Siddons, Rebecca
Bec - I think your idea for insurance is going to get us in a lot of trouble, but I trust you... so let's do it. I've managed to wrangle access codes to the escape pods on the command deck. We only need to hack into Xerxes' emergency sub-system, get past the ICE nodes and try to avoid being spotted by Bronson's security team. Piece of cake, right?

re: Don't stop

To: Siddons, Rebecca
Don't stop Rebecca. Keep moving. Get to the escape pods on the command deck. We'll take off, set the toaster to wake us up in 30 years and we'll be back on Earth before you know it. A toaster built for two, baby, that's our next stop. Sound good? So let's do it. I won't take any excuses.

re: Where are you?

I'm so close to Rebecca it's killing me. I'm spending some time with crew members who said they saw her. They told me they'd help me find her if I help them set up this transmitter. They're set on saving the Earth. I just want Rebecca. Then I'll take care of the Earth.

re: Pod problems

Getting the escape pod working again wasn't as easy as we thought. Bec had to go back down to engineering! Thank God somebody managed to get the elevators turned on again. I found the bridge key and performed an override on the access protocols and now I think we're ready to go.

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