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re: First contact

To: Zhukov, Vladimir
We have picked up a transmission from the surface of Tau Ceti 5. I have been in negotiation with Captain Diego of the Rickenbacker and after some... coercion, he's agreed to go planetside as a joint venture. Imagine, this historic mission might even become more historic. First Contact. And who is there to get exclusive rights to all media, patents and land grants? TriOptimum. Miri, I told you this would be worth it.

re: Miracles

There, the young ones are all aboard. Captain Diego and I have sealed off deck 3. He and I are now of one mind... our bodies are changing too. Sometimes it hurts terribly and sometimes it is... marvelous... something wonderful is happening to me...

re: A new purpose

To: Delacroix, Dr. Marie
You can't understand my joy, Marie and I won't try to make you. I feel like a new man... I have a purpose... more important than the mission, even more important than TriOptimum... I will protect them... no matter what... I will protect them...

re: Glory

Glory... to the Many... I am a voice in their choir.

re: Everything old...

To: Zhukov, Vladimir
Miri, so far our work with the late model assassin cyborgs has gone remarkably well. I hope things with that son of a bitch Diego never come to that, but it is comforting to know we're not nearly as defenseless as the UNN storm troopers might think. The only glitch we've encountered is with the upgraded laser rapiers... the poor things keep severing parts of themselves. We're trying to get the bugs fixed, but I know that... bureaucrat... is watching us. It's sad to see a man so haunted by the ghost of his father... his hatred for everything TriOp represents is remarkable to behold.

re: Coming home

To: Zhukov, Vladimir.
Forget about land grants, forget about media, forget about patents. What we've found on Tau Ceti will change everything. I've instructed the Von Braun to change course and return to Earth. Captain Diego is in complete accord with this decision. I know that you are skeptical by nature, Miri, but I know once you embrace our discovery you and the entire board will come over to our way of thinking.

re: My completion

The glorious transformation is over and I am one of the Many. I imprint my thoughts on this device as a record of history. We began this journey as pilgrims of commerce and we now continue it as pilgrims of grace. I believed in money and TriOptimum, and now I believe in the joy of the Mass. Diego cannot be trusted so I must claim this ship for the Many. It shall be our vessel of salvation, spreading our message and our flesh.

re: The machine-mother

The machine-mother has enlisted avatars against us. They struggle, but they will fail against our unity. Does not the machine mother know her own creation is greater than she? She is cold and empty and we are warm and full... she seeks only to destroy... we seek to embrace... to include... all flesh will join ours or be wiped clean...

re: The lovers

Suarez and his whore want to escape. I do not understand. They get offered a miracle and they bite the hand. The Many has shared its wisdom... they shall not leave this ship.

re: Rapture

What did I think power was? What was my concept of joy? How empty life must have been. As I merge my body with the biomass, I begin to sense the borders of rapture.

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