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re: Rad Hypos

Medical tells me they've replicated a whole bunch of Rad Hypos. I'm gonna pick those up and distribute them to the engineering staff unless anyone gets a better idea. Watts also asked me to check on the replicator in the crew lounge... he says it's a hacker's paradise.

re: Coolant leaks

To: Delacroix, Dr. Marie
Marie, I've got to restrict access to Engineering until we can figure out what to do down there. It's just too hot. I don't know where all the Hazard Suits went, so I'm reduced to bringing down an armful of Rad Hypos. Those damn things always give me a headache.

re: More trouble

I've been unable to get in touch with Delacroix... this place is falling apart... members of my team keep disappearing. The leaks in the venting shafts shorted out the primary access channel... and that means we'll all be on auxiliary power until we can get it back up. That means ALL the lifts are out... Marie, where the hell are you?

re: Lifts are out

I can't raise anybody down in Engineering. With the lifts out, I'll need to get down there through the emergency conduit in the Sci Annex. I think the access code is in Watts' lab.

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