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re: Betrayed by Diego

The worms are everywhere... and Captain Diego is the one who let them in. Nobody knows who to trust anymore... nobody's even sure who's human anymore. I've blown out the access ladders in the torpedo room to restrict access to Pod 2. Let's hope that holds them back. As long as we're alive and drawing a paycheck from the Navy, those bastards are not getting the Rickenbacker.

re: The resonator

Simpson, Malone, Chandara, and Perez are dead. At least those are the ones we know for sure... Those bastards sabotaged the meson acceleration coil. They blew out the entire driver core, six subdecks... From what I can tell, somebody tapped the frequency resonator to refract human sized movements. The overload of all those people moving around must have blown the resonator. We've set up a magnetic shield and the ship's still functional... barely. I've quarantined the entrance to Pod 2... the secondary coil is right there and I don't know how thorough the son of a bitch who did this was.

re: Cut off from pod 2

Until I can reverse the gravitronic generators, we're effectively cut off from Pod 2. Wozcyek's e-mail said the only way to do that is by resetting the power grid from the access station in engine nacelle B. Of course, he didn't volunteer to do it himself. What a goddamn mess.

re: Nacelle B access

In order to reverse the gravitronic generators, I need to get into nacelle B. In order to get into the nacelle, I need my damn access card. But I left the it on the opposite side of the hull breach. Wait a minute... if I can extend the auxilary support struts, I could... if they've survived the blast, that is.

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