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re: Tau Ceti 5

To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
Anatoly, you MUST open up the planet to the scientific staff of this vessel. If there IS something down there, it's bigger than TriOp, it's bigger than the UNN and it's bigger than you. And why have you and Diego shut off deck 3? What's going on?

re: Taking action

To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
I'm not sure what secrets you and your new buddy Captain Diego have got going up on deck 3, but I intend to find out. If you continue to refuse to meet with me and my staff, you will leave me no choice but to register a complaint with corporate. If you won't take me seriously, perhaps Sgt. Bronson and her security staff will.

re: Be brave

To: Sanger, Constance
Constance, I fear now for my life. I think this has gone beyond any imaginings of Diego and Korenchkin. I do not believe they are in control at all. We must discover what it was they found down on the surface of Tau Ceti 5 and why they guard their secret so jealously. I think this is more important than my life or your life or the life of this ship. Be brave. And be careful.

re: Fluidics backdoor

Somebody's been tampering with the Xerxes unit. In the interest of keeping secrets from the powers that be, I've installed a back door to the fluidics control computer. To activate it, install hardware override 45mdEx in the systems monitoring unit in command control. You can find 45mdEx in auxiliary storage 5 in the coolant tubes, keycode: 34760.

re: A new friend?

I've been contacted by some kind of artificial intelligence that wants to help me reclaim control of the Von Braun from whomever... or whatever is now in charge. I don't know where it came from, but I must confess I'm happy it is here.

re: Xerxes

Why is it that no one listens to me? The security protocols on the Xerxes system are clearly immature. Some idiot hacked into the primary data loop last night and made Xerxes sing Elvis Presley songs for three hours. I finally had to pull the voice sub-system off line. What would happen if somebody with a real agenda got into him?

re: Not ready

To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
This mission should have been scrubbed before it left Earth. We've been unable to contain the reactant coolant leaks on deck 1. I've put an order requiring Hazard Suits down there. I know you think this will cause a panic, but it's better than giving everybody radiation sickness, don't you think?

re: Making a change

To: Polito, Dr. Janice
I received an e-message from Anatoly. He's not well. The Corporate protocols specify I can remove the Senior Executive Officer if he's found unfit for duty... but what about his ally Captain Diego? He's got 120 goons on the Rickenbacker to back him up... I wonder if that fragmentary AI you discovered on Tau Ceti 5 is connected to this...

re: Killing the worms

It's becoming clear that the worms are some kind of communal entity... While I'm not sure whether airborne Toxin-A will directly kill any ambulatory specimens, it should impact their communal mass and remove the residue I've observed growing on the walls and the lift shaft. But perhaps there is a more potent formula to be synthesized...

re: A ray of hope

Killing the children won't be easy. But I think I'm actually on to something. The biochemistry of these worms, which I call the Annelids, treats inverted proteins as toxins. With the help of a replicator in the Biological Survey lab, I've managed to isolate some inverted proteins in a number of vials. However, the mix with the base compound is still off, so I still need to do some more research. Once I do that and mix the toxin into the four Environmental Regulators... Well, things can only get better.

re: The main elevator

If we can reprogram the Sim Units and divert power to the transmitter on deck 5, my new friend will be able to regain control of the primary data loop from Xerxes. She... it says that will let us use the bridge elevator and take control of the ship.

re: Friends and enemies

To: Cortez, Enrique
Mon petit, there is something you should know about. I have received information from some form of artificial intelligence that is calling itself SHODAN. Yes, SHODAN. Wherever this intelligence actually came from, it has a terrible grudge against these Annelids and has saved my life more than once. SHODAN has told me that there is a UNN operative aboard the ship, armed to the hilt and equipped with R-grade cyber implants. Strange bedfellows, eh?

re: Turn on transmitter

To: Wilson, Edward
The shunt has been online for two hours. Go tell Cortez in the crew section to come out and turn on that transmitter. If this message doesn't reach you soon, they may be able to interfere with the transmission from the bridge.

re: Trusting SHODAN

The Annelids have cut us off from the transmitter. SHODAN tells me that once we've got the transmitter back on line and the ops computers reprogrammed, she'll be able to take control of the ship away from Xerxes. Who should I trust less? An imposter claiming to be that monster, or the monster herself?


Polito indicated that the AI, who now I believe to be SHODAN, was actually going to... <>

re: SH$8dD@#N'S pl4n

They've got me now... And SHODAN has abandoned me. I'm not surprised... I've discovered her plans for the faster than light drives... her will is only matched by her imagination... if she gains access to the <>

re: Some small assistance

If you are receiving this, I am already dead. When I realized SHODAN had betrayed me, I integrated these comments into her primary data loop. SHODAN has exploited the warping capability the Von Braun's faster than light device for her own purposes. The device works by altering space around the ship to fairly arbitrary specifications. SHODAN has altered it to HER specifications. The effect is rather small now, but spreads with alarming speed. Soon, it will reach earth. You're in her world now... her memories and her rules. Watch your back.

re: A caution

You're not alone here... SHODAN has spawned her own versions of the Von Braun's horrors... remember, they are virtual, they are not real... do not assume anything about their strengths or weaknesses...

re: Stakes

You must understand the stakes here... if SHODAN is left to continue, her reality will completely assimilate ours. Space will become cyberspace and SHODAN's whims will become reality.

re: The End

You are near the seat of SHODAN's power. You will probably not be able to defeat her. But there is no choice... Remember to focus on your strengths... she will be vulnerable to your weaponry and your psionic powers. I've been able to introduce some assistance in the form of virtual terminals that you can hack into... they should help you defeat the monster.

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