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re: Shuttle control

Paranoia has struck. Somebody has changed the access codes to the security station in the officer's quarters. And now we can't get at the key to shuttle control. I think Myers is the likely suspect. All that guy thinks about is conspiracy theories and naked girls.

re: A dream

They've cut off the central elevator. What's going on? Last night I had the strangest dream... I was in my room by myself... but all of a sudden, there was not just me there, but a hundred me's... a thousand me's... The strange thing was... it felt good... I felt like I was part of something... like I belong... I hope I have the same dream tonight...

re: What's going on?

Something is going on. Korenchkin has sealed himself off in deck 3. He keeps calling for people to go down there one by one. Vogel, Boynton, Swiderek. None of them have come back. If they call for me... I don't know what I'm gonna do. And Bronson is starting to make a lot of noise: 'You're the senior flight officer... you have to act.' I would... if I knew what the hell was going on.

re: Korenchkin

I got an email from Korenchkin this morning saying he was coming up for an inspection. And when he arrived it was... something... revolting... it was Anatoly... but it wasn't... at the same time it seemed beautiful... and I felt like part of it... He sang to us... all of us... and we felt like one of Many...

re: Worms and guns

A worm crawled up my arm and rested on my neck. When he whispered into my ear, I felt a tingle... He told me how to make a weapon to help us against our enemies. And here's the thing... it's made of worms... it even fires worms... but it stings like you wouldn't believe.

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