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re: They're escaping!

To Delacroix, Dr. Marie
I hope you're still alive, Ms. Delacroix. We really could use some guidance up here. They've got those lady cyborgs of theirs loading up the shuttles with those eggs... I don't know what their plan is... but it looks like they're running scared... I hear rumors of someone else, besides you, fighting back... Should I even hope to get out of this... I'm just gonna hang back... until I figure out what the hell to do...

re: A monkey wrench

I don't know what those goddamn worms want with the shuttles, but I'd love to throw a monkey wrench their way. If I can reach the control chamber above the shuttle bay, I can turn off the shields the worms and their helpers have set up around the shuttles. Once they're down, I can blow holes in those TriOptimum brand tin cans with my sidearm. Now if I can just get in there without getting caught. Oh, God, just get me out of this...

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