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re: Victory!

To: Murdoch, Alice
Tell your team they may not be able to play. We were down in the basketball court when the damn power went out... AGAIN! Irony is, we were ahead for the first time in weeks. Well, we won't be the lapdogs of the Von Braun any more.

re: Blackouts

To: Murdoch, Alice
The lights near the basketball court keep fritzing out... I think the humidity from the pool next door is a real problem. If it happens when I'm not there, try re-setting the circuit from the breaker by the pool. You think someone needs to call a tech?

re: Barricaded in

Okay, I got the art terminals wired up to display the fragmented dish alignment for the transmitter. I've also rigged up the tower to set off a security alert in case somebody else tries to tamper with it... I'm headed there right now to start the transmission. Hey, who's that? Juan? Marie- <>

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