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re: Bronson

I hacked into two of the Sim Units yesterday, and for the love of God, I don't know why... I felt... compelled by some power... My mind and my body are... changing... but they know it's me... they just can't prove it... The next Sim Unit that goes down, Bronson and her men will come for me... but I'll be ready... She may have guns and hatred on her side, but I am one of Many.

re: My red friends

I have a secret from the Many! I've created overrides for my little experiments in reprogramming the Sim Units and entrusted them to the care of 3 special friends. I've dressed them in red and instructed them to stay away from strangers. A smart hacker always has a back door.

re: Sim Unit 3

Mmm... Bronson knows... won't let her undo the work we've done... mmm... wired up a surprise for her... anybody approaching Sim Unit 3... will feel sorrow... so much sorrow...

re: Good bye

I brought down the last of the Sim Units today... I am full of the glory of the Many... Here comes Bronson. I am at peace... Good evening, Bronson. Have you come to...

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