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re: Psionic chimps!

To: Mak Pao research authority
A laboratory worker from MedSci called me down to the vivisection room yesterday. He felt the lab chimps were exhibiting uncommon intelligence. I sat with one for four hours and tried to probe it with the psi amp on a beta 4 cycle. It failed to respond. I of course assumed it was because it was, naturally, incapable of reacting to the sophisticated beta 4 cycle. But then I realized it was blocking the probe intentionally! As soon as I raised the psi-amp to attack it, the creature lashed out with its arms and projected a cryokinetic field towards me, paralyzing my arm. I immediately psi-dampened the monkey and then stunned it with an electric prod.

re: Further experiments

To: Mak Pao research authority
Taking precautions, I proceeded with further experiments. Since we've reached Tau Ceti, the creatures have gotten smarter and somehow gained limited psi abilities. I probed another subject with a beta 5 cycle and sensed many things, but mostly an incredible empathy. The chimps have become acutely aware of their own history, of the vivisections and experiments that have been performed on them while onboard the Von Braun. They have anger, and they are ready to express it. Clearly they are both a fascinating scientific resource and an incredible security risk. My recommendation... either freeze them in cryo storage for the remainder of the mission or liquidate them immediately. Who knows what other abilities they'll acquire?

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