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re: Delacroix

I don't know where we'd be without Delacroix. This whole ship is falling apart and she's the only one who knows what from what. I saw her arguing with that creep Anatoly Koretzkin or whatever his name is, and she was giving it to him but good. But that freak job stares her straight in the eye and starts babbling about how she doesn't know the pleasure of the joyful unity or some such. Mama mia, the clowns are running the circus...

re: The soldiers

Before, I couldn't get rid of those jarheads from the Rickenbacker, and now I can't find one for love or money. That creepy OSA guy followed me around for two months until he got the hint. Now I tried to contact him to see if he knew what was going on, but all of a sudden he won't return my mail.

re: Locking Eng. Control

God, get me out of here. I've re-coded the lock to this room. Maybe that will hold them. I'm heading to cargo bay 2, come find me there.

re: Locked in

Malone's dead. I was just talking to him and this... cyborg came up behind him and... Okay, Connie, get a grip. Get a grip. I've re-coded the door lock in engineering control to 15061. I think I'll be safe in here. I'll be safe in here.

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