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re: Resist the call

My duty is to the UNN and to this ship. But can I resist the call of the Many? My father's weakness brought SHODAN into existence. MY weakness has invited these things aboard the Von Braun... can I undo the wrong I have done?

re: Is it so bad?

In some ways, the Many is not unlike the UNN. There is a joy in working towards a collective goal, in being able to put aside the things that draw us apart and make us separate. Why do we fear the loss of our individuality so much? Man can dream, but the Many can accomplish.

re: Yanking my chain

To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
Anatoly, there's only so much corporate calisthenics I can go through before I start to feel a little queasy, so let's get down to brass tacks here. We don't like each other. We each have our own motivations for undertaking this mission, so let me give you a little warning. I cannot be circumvented, I cannot be tricked, I cannot be manipulated, and I cannot be bought. You come at me straight and keep the fancy maneuvers for your next board meeting. Just because my father swam with the sharks doesn't mean that I do.

re: Our alliance

To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
I believe the plans the Many have for me are greater than I even imagined. The change is upon me. But the path is more glorious than we imagined. It does not stop at a mere single mutation... the form I've been promised is more beautiful than even that... They tell me I will float through the air and strike at the foes of our biomass with my mind... with our mind... my cup runneth over...

re: Cease and desist

To: Bronson, Melanie
You listen to me, you little bitch. Either you disband that little toy army of yours, or some real military is gonna come down there and walk all over your rent-a-cops. You can't possibly understand what our mission is here and the glory of our purpose. If you do what we say, you might have a chance to see the glory of the Many. Comply or die, sister. It's that simple.

re: My responsibility

To: General Laurie Brasco
I am a soldier and a simple man. I cannot explain what has happened to me or this mission. I take complete responsibility. I've brought danger to my ship, to my crew, to my honor. I cannot resist the changes that are happening to me. The call of the Many is seductive. They got Korenchkin, but that bastard is weak. I am not weak. I can resist this cancer... and if I cannot, I will remove it forcibly. God save the UNN.

re: Last words

Those worms were a cancer in my body, so I had the autodoc cut it out. Do you think they're going to let you blow up the Von Braun? The Many will never allow it. But I've got something to help you. it's in my quarters. you'll find the access card on my. body. take the fight to them, soldier. And remember, you're the only one you can trust.

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